In the real Volvo Ocean competition, most of the 'In-Port' races were held in a very light wind conditions, sometime between 4-6 kts, which is absolutely impossible on VSK5. Anyway, there is a VO65 boat with a sail setup for a such conditions.

In a lower winds, up to 12 kts best sail should be J0.  It has a slightly lower TWA then J1 but faster boat speed. Sometime during a race you can spot a higher pressure area or 'puff', which will lead to considering hoisting a J1 jib.  It is important to anticipate the duration of this higher pressure; if it lasts for only a short time, it is not worth to swap the sails because it will take some time.

In a very low wind, under 8 kts best sail should be MH0. Because it is placed on position 3 reserved for Code) sails, VSK will not show a green arrow indicating optimal TWA.It can be used as downwind sail because of less drag then A3, good for all angles above 120 degrees. It is prohibited to use outriggers during 'In-Port' races, so, this gennaker will sail optimal sharper TWA then same sail inside the 'Offshore' setup.


VO65 'In-Port'