Final version AC50 ready for download!!


Boat handling:

There are 3 jibs that can be used on real AC50, but only one during a race. (No jibs changing allowed in the race). For this reason there is only one jib available (mid-sized  J25)

To slowdown in the prestart, you can bring the jib down...

Boat performance:

Boat parameters are carefully designed to give as much as possible realistic performance. It performs optimal at average wind speed cca. 15-20kts. Official races are not allowed above 24kts. 
 This model therefore sails much slower above 25kts.


Download the installer (AC50_test.msi) and run it.
During installation you  will be asked for installation directory.
By default, it is in '[user]\Documents\32nd America's Cup\Boats\'.You can also perform a manual installation. Click the link below and download zip file.