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20 years of sailing on Virtual Skipper

My first contact with a 'VSK' was very soon after release of 'Virtual Skipper', the first version of a game.

Since that time I was active with all versions, sailed many official competitions, made hundreds of skins and maps, and lately 3D models for Virtual Skipper.


Custom boat design

My latest interest on VSK is 3D boat modeling and design (custom boats for VSK).
All started last year during Olympic games in Rio. I was very excited about making a kind of virtual Olympic sailing, but custom boats available at that time weren't much of use (only Laser and 49er were available, and 2 ex-olympic boats; Starboat and Tornado.I want more accurate and nicely designed boats, so,  started with re-modeling a Laser and 49er, making new 470 and Nacra 17 (replacement for Tornado).                


In the beginning did struggle to get into a basic functions of a modeling software ('Freeship', free boat modeller), but with a bit of patience made a progress and now I have about 30 models, some of them very close to release in public. 
Most exciting are new Volvo Ocean 65, then America's cup boats AC45F and AC50.

After a few months my first boat appeared in public, and nothing less then AC50

Groupama AC50

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Mladen Vicic

Hendrik van Wijnstraat 76
1065RA Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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